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A day in a life of a seminarian is filled with activities: from Church services, classes, free time and studying, to choir practice and obediences. Here's how that looks like on a daily basis.


7AM - Matins and Divine Liturgy
10AM to 12:15PM - Classes
12:30PM - Lunch
1PM - Classes, free time, hobbies, study, or assigned obedience. 
5PM - Vespers
5:45PM - Supper 
6PM - recreation or study.
10PM - quiet hours


Church candles production
Church incense production
Assistance in the altar during church services
Yard work, house cleaning, church cleaning, snow crew, delivery


It is a tradition for every seminary to have a seminarian choir. We are no exception. 
Our repertoire ranges from byzantine chant to Russian and Serbian composers of liturgical music. Since 1990, our choir has been under the direction of Very Rev. Dr. Milos Vesin, our professor and choir director. Thanks to his care and work, we were able to go an a few tours in the past years, record a CD, and enjoy the music from different periods. 
If you would like to host our choir at your parish church, please let us know.


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